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Looking for Electrical/Electronic Engineering Job (Istanbul)

Hi all, I am looking for possible opportunities for work in the Electrical/Electronic engineering field.

I have 10 years experience in the field working for 2 companies. One was an American company that was designing and producing fixed/handheld transponder readers and road toll systems. The latter was a clean energy systems company that used hydrogen fuelcells. I was part of the R&D team that designed the worlds first fuelcell powered motorbike which was launched at the science museum in London Protected content was the most notable project, although there were many I worked on. Most of which im still tied too with a confidentiality clause).

Although I only hold a HNC/D qualification (which would grant me access straight into the 2nd year of a degree course) at the moment, it has not stopped me from excelling in the workplace.

I do plan on continuing my studies to gain extra qualifications through open learning when the time and money to pay for the courses are in place.

If anyone knows of a possible employment opportunity please post a reply here or contact me in private mail, I can provide full CV and previous letter of employment.

Thanks in advance to all that view.

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