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looking for flatmate in my Galata Apartment (Istanbul)

I am just moving from a really lovely and cozy apartment in Kurucesme/Arnavutkoy to the Galata neighbourhood. As kismet (fate, fortuna) helped me a bit along the way, I found my dream apartment within one day and my sails are set on a quick move (next week)!

The new apartment is - without using the word amazing too much (I fell in love at first sight)- just really beautiful, lovely and gorgeous. It has wooden floors and ceilings in all of the four rooms (not counting kitchen, bathroom, small toilet and closet), high ceilings, lots of windows and a small winter garden (right now accessible through the kitchen window - so it might stay the sun bathing terrace for my Persian cat Bavaria and my adopted street cat Georgie until enough money can be saved to build a little door - but I am thinking of crawling through the rather large window and make a small herbs garden out it) and another mini terrace off the bathroom (again the same spiel, so B. and G. will be very happy)...and a wooden Maltese balcony (wikipedia = "The traditional Maltese balcony is a wooden closed balcony projecting from a wall") which adds a very cute and unique feature to what I envisioned the reading and relaxing room... From this balcony, one can also see the Galata tower and overlook the really lovely street we are located on (imagine a cup of Turkish coffee or a glass of wine and a good conversation or some gossiping on there! - now that is very Turkish!) ...

The kitchen with its mini terrace is a very good size and has everything from fridge, oven, gas stove and ventilation system to new pots and pans, lovely bowls and plates, two espresso machines (nespresso and a traditional one), coffee makers (all kinds and, yes, I love coffee), juicer, steamer, rice cooker, seeds and herbs grower ( a weird thing that provides you with a constant supply of fresh cress ect.), electric tea maker and enough place and cupboards to store all of these things ... . The kitchen also has a big, long table and some chairs ... so it has room for both cooking and eating.

The bathroom is again large, has two windows (looking to the two mini terraces), some nice antique furniture and a comfy chair and - best of all - a jacuzzi (I love taking baths and this is my dream come true!).

The middle room, where the entrance door is (with a intercom system and also an alarm), will have a large table (I am envisioning long indulgent dinners) and two old benches and a couch and maybe some artwork but I am not sure yet (except of the large table and the artwork which I have) as I am looking for some nice antique furniture....

The room to be rented out is -again- large, will have a double bed, a nice old wardrobe, some chests (for storing), nice bed linens (just ordered them) and some nice feature items but of course it will be all newly put together because I am just moving! Of course, there is wi-fi everywhere...

Then there is my bedroom (which is the same size as the other bedroom but has a sliding door to the relaxing room) and the mentioned relaxing room with the (Maltese) balcony (def. with a couch bed because it would be a great guest room as well), an extra storage room (which I will use as closet) and an extra toilet!

Up on the top floor we also have access to a shared terrace (sadly without view) but good for sunbathing etc....

I have a car (beetle) and a Vespa I am willing to rent/share also. Especially the Vespa!

Even without Vespa the flat is 2 minute away from the Metro (Sishane), 15 from Eminonu (great for shopping spices and cheese) or the Modern Art Museum, 3 minutes away from Tünel (great for going out), etc. etc. We have a lovely coffee shop and deli just across the street and lots of lovely restaurants and bars around, a few art galleries and designers as our neighbours and the land lord is a lovely man whose great-great.... grandfather was the flag holder for Sultan Fatih Mehmed the Conqueror (I am not making this up!)...

So now to the rental price: the apartment is - as you can imagine - very expensive. First, I was thinking I could rent out two rooms but then I decided it would be better if I find one room mate only. We will pay more each person but I think it is worth it regarding what we get for the money, location etc.

I want to be very honest: I don't want to or cannot make money with the apartment (as many people do in the area). The simple truth is that I fell in love with it and want to afford it until I get a better job... so that is why I came up with the solution of sharing the flat with someone.

Any flat I had until now had a very homely and relaxed atmosphere and that is also what I am looking for in my future room mate... (no drugs, no wild parties, stable job/income or scholarships and stable relationship preferred -gays welcome- etc.... )...

So now to the price: it is Protected content but you could maybe bargain me down to Protected content you stay longer than 3 months or have any other good reasons for it... but that is that is the absolute last price...

I can imagine renting it out weekly or daily in August but from September onwards I hope to find a "real" flatmate...!

hope to hear from you soon!

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