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Looking for job - have a masters in civil engineer (Istanbul)


I would kindly ask for help, I am from Lisbon, Portugal, and I've been sending applications for some months to istanbul... I only had 1 answer...I know it's hard to get a job if you don't speak the language... but c'mon... whats is wrong with the companies there, they don't give any feedback? (sorry for my angriness I feel hopeless) I have my girlfriend (turkish) living there, i am learning turkish too ( I speak portuguese, spanish, french a bit and italian), I already have a place to stay too... I have a masters in Civil Engineering - Geotechnical and am planning to take a postdoc in project management. There is only one thing i cannot get and that is a job, I'm not even applying anymore to civil engineer, I am applying to jobs as analyst, business management, everything around that area...I will learn fast. Can someone advise me? Please...

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