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Lots of advice (Istanbul)

Hey guys,

I have been here for nearly a year. I now feel settled enough to build a routine incorporating a few things I would like to achieve in my free time. I am based in Cihangir and don't have a car. I am looking for advice and perhaps sport partners in the following:

Climbing-need partners with relative experience in indoor climbing

MMA or any martial arts sparring and training- I've done kick boxing (Mui Thai) but I don't mind doing something new.

Horse Riding: I've done some in the past and would love to find a place to do it in my free time.

I'm really getting into drawing- does anyone know anything about manga or comic drawing courses online or places that teaches in English?

Finally, I play guitar and a little bit of Darbukka. I played in bands in the past and I would love to get back into that. Do you know of a band in need of acoustic guitar players?

My email is: Protected content . It is the best way to get in touch.

Thank you all in advance and hope I find like-minded people enthusiasts here :),


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