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Love (Istanbul)

In May Protected content was determined to move to Turkey no later than June 8, my birthday date. I wanted a new life in Turkey. Regardless how hard I tried to make it happen, except that I was meant to say Goodby to beloved Egypt after celebrating my 54th with my best friend there! Less I know, it was a blessing.
I arrived Antalya on June 10th Protected content open heart and mind. A week later I booked my trip to Chanakkale as it didn't feel my place to be.
I took all the expected steps to make a life in the new town which I loved much and appreciated it's breez, sea, hills and most of all sweetness of people. My first Ramadan, the fasting holly month in Turkey was there. I rented my apartment and set my mind on my furniture but my heart new, it'll not be my place! So I moved after Fitr Eid to Istanbul with a Turkish friend who was a bit surprised to have favored Istanbul over Çanakkale, but I knew the vibes of Istanbul shall carry my sole to happiness.
Two days later, and only two days, I found my apartment that had everything I ever wished for! A humble dream I had to be near the sea, small clean place with a view facing my lucky directions!
It was some time before I joined internations, and after few back and fourth trips I grounded my feet and rested in Istanbul, the city that can't get enough of.
Your groups, activities and company have made it perfect time and place for me. I am pleased to have been hear and part of the beautiful puzzle of internations, that a whole picture is only completed with all of you and your energies.
Today, it is June 8th! The day I wanted once to be in Turkey, for a new life in a new year for me in this life. It's my 55th birthday and it's in Istanbul! With all my countless blessings I couldn't have wished for more. My love, appreciation and great wishful thoughts to all of you. Praying to God to save Turkey and its people from all harms, and to embrace us all to a safe path and humaneness life on Earth.

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