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My recent residence permit experience (Feb 2015) (Istanbul)

Hi all!

Since documentation in Turkey is an abomination, I find that the best way to learn what is required is to ask about people's recent experiences. In doing this, I've asked some friends that have done their renewal in Protected content made a post about my experience in the 2nd week of Febraury.

Protected content

I used to follow what was written on the application form, but since the process started transferring to the Interior Ministry, they've changed so much, without updating the official website. Also, the application form has all the same info as when I did my first renewal in Protected content ... So, that doesn't help at all! :)

I hope you enjoy my post and please feel free to share it on your blog. Also, I'm interested in keeping it factual and up-to-date, so if you feel that anything is missing, please let me know!


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