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Hi everybody :)

I'm going to visit your country soon. will be there Protected content maybe more don't know yet - need some help in 2 things:

1. Guys could you plz advice me any cheap hotel on its webpage or how do u think what will be cheaper to rent an aprtment for couple days or simple hotel room - plzzz help - or guys I can stay with anybody or u if u can rent me a room in your flat for couple days ! Also does anybody know any nice not dangerous nigth clubs in Stanbul - guys plzz write to inbox - i really wanna have some fun with nice people.

2. Ladies could you plz advice where i can but "fur coat" for my Mom and how much does it cost in Stanbul (plz in dollars or euro) It's really very important for me it-s her birthday soon. And where I can buy it?


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