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Open Door Architecture Festival (Istanbul)

There are some interesting places to see

Open Door Architecture Festival

22 to 30 May

The Open Door Festival is realized between 22 and 30 May under the organization of Arkitera Architecture Center within the context of Istanbul Protected content Capital of Culture events and by the support of BUILdIST Construction Materials Fair.

It is aimed by the Open Door Festival to raise awareness for buildings and architectural assets which is not open to the general public, or require special authorization for entrance, as this festival is about providing access to such buildings and spaces that have historical and architectural importance in Istanbul.

During the festival, historically or architecturally important buildings or places –which are not open to public in normal conditions, will open their doors to general public. The program also includes places that are normally open to public but generally neglected.

The Open Door Festival serves the same purpose as Open House festival in London that is held along one weekend every year and provides access to buildings which generally not open to public.

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