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orphanages (Istanbul)


I wanted to share with you my thoughts about our recent Orphanage visit event in Kasimpasa. I really enjoyed this visit and highly recommend you to visit orphanages, bring the kids little gifts, and talk and chat with them. This visit did not upset me, i really enjoyed it.
The main thing left in my mind about this event was how the kids ran down the stairs quickly and seated on the tables, quietly ate the cakes we brought, some enjoyed talking and chatting with us, most of them thanked us and after eating the cakes they all disappeared quickly and quietly :).
They really seemed very decent, respectful, a little shy, appreciative, clean, quite and seemed to be happy. Then i started thinking about my friends' kids. I don't want to be misunderstood but i find most of my friends' kids really very annoying :). They are spoilt, non-appreciative, disrespectful, etc. They don't seem to be happy. I see that parents usually do not know how to raise their children and usually make them a copy of themselves whatever they are and raise them among their own problems. Can a parentless life, to grow up among kids, be better for kids or make them better people, particularly now, in this time, when the quality of parenting is getting worse? :). I am of course not recommending orphanages but what i observed was the kids in the orphanges were better people than the kids who lives with their families.

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