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Pandora's Box - PANDORA'NIN KUTUSU / Screenings with English Subtitles (Istanbul)

Dear Friends,

Turkish film “Pandora’s Box” directed by Yesim Ustaoglu which opens in Istanbul on Friday 23 January, is shown with English subtitles in Beyoglu Beyoglu and Beyoglu Cinemajestik movietheatres.
The film has won the best film and best actress awards at the San Sebastian Film Festival last September.

Two sisters and a brother live in the center of ?stanbul today. They are in their thirties and forties, and lead very different lives, self centered on their upper – middle class preoccupations. One day, a phone call brings them together on a voyage through Turkey’s suburbs and villages to the small town in the Black Sea mountains where they were born. Their aged mother, Nusret, has disappeared. As the siblings start reminiscing about her, the tensions between them quickly become apparent; like a Pandora’s box which is spilled open, all the unresolved disputes are scattered around. Old wounds are opened up again. When they find their mother and bring her to ?stanbul they soon must learn that she is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The confrontation with Nusret’s sordidness brings them to realize how poor their own lives are. It is only Nesrin’s rebellious son Murat who emphatises with Nusret and who ultimately sneaks her out of the institution where her daughters have committed her, leading his grandmother back to her home in the mountains which she is desparate to return to…


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Beyo?lu CINE MAJESTIC Protected content
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