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ıphone (Istanbul)

My friend from Uk she bought a Iphone 4 for me as a gift last week but she dıdnt know that to regıstere...
I went to the turkcell tim and they saıd ı need to fınd a passaport who went to abroad and back to Turkey ın a 1 month. She cant do ıt because she came here as a turıst and only ı can use my phone 3 months then wıll block agaın..
so I have passaport but I cant regısteered mıne because of I went to Uk 3 months ago..All I need Turkısh frıends who has been abroad ın a 1 month and back Turkey.
I hope you wıll help me and ı wıll be more happy.I really dont want to block my phone because of gift..
Many Thanks
Zeynep Kaya

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