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Pros & Cons using Emlak (real estate) when renting (Istanbul)

Dear IN forum,

An Emlak (=real estate agent) takes approx. 10% of annual rental fee /one month rent if a deal is made between you and the landlord.

My main issue is (which I think is relevant for many here on the IN-Community):
What additional value is an Emlak bringing to you if you want to rent a flat, instead of you yourself search and make a contract directly with a landlord, thus saving this very high fee?

On the internet, you can yourself find rental flats (in addition to IN community) here:
Protected content
Protected content or
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(These sites are also in English!)
My own experience so far (I am looking now and did the same one year ago):
Protected content % of the flats the Emlaks suggests are already advertised on the above mentioned 3 websites.

My follow-up points/questions are:
- In situations of renting, what concrete services does a “normal” Emlak do for you as tenant beyond identifying potential flats/putting you in contact with owner?
- Does a Emlak usually give a guaranty to help you if there are problems with signed contract/an agreement made with a landlord?
- Do Emlaks usually have much more flats available than what is advertised online?

I would appreciate your frank input. Please do not use this thread as an opportunity to tell about a bad or good experience with specified, named Emlaks (I assume there are both in the marketplace). Highly appreciated would also be advice on points to be aware of when renting/signing a contract.
Rather, help other Expats to make a decision, knowing the Pro & Cons of using an Emlak vs doing it alone (and saving 10%).

Finally, I do of course see the value of Emlaks if you live abroad, do not know Istanbul or have time to search yourself.

In advance, thank you for sharing your views/experiences.

PS: Emlaks are of course invited to share their opinions here too.

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