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Question to all mothers and fathers!! (Istanbul)

Today I took my daughter to doctor for a general check-up. Thanks God! everything is fine:) Anyway I was in a discussion about difference between Turkish Parents and Expats Parents about the reactions, managing and taking care of their children. My Doc say they are very big difference. I was not able to answer well, I grow up with Turkish Father and German Mother.And of course I do what I learn from my parents to my daughter.
Very confusing!
Now you are in Turkey for a long time and I believe you also get a chance to meet with Turkish couples and get c chance to see how do they react to their children. Do you get any difference about what you do an what we do? Ok I am not asking with the people who are not at the social level or not at the same economic level. My question about people who are like you, but Turkish.
Why I ask you that, because I also try to find better solutions, ideas for my daughter. Because she is 2,5 years old and I know what I did with my wife is very effective on personality what she build up right now. Protected content

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