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Can some help me with the following questions, please? I've been doing my research and reading through old threads but there are things that I'm still not clear about.

1. I was in Istanbul for 2 months from late March - late May, and will return in Mid-August to stay for at least a year. Since it's still within Protected content , I understand that I have only 30 days left to apply for my residence permit, is that correct?

2. I did not register my phone the last time I was there and was able to use my phone with Turkish SIM without a problem. I'm just wondering if the 60 days allowance will start again from my new date of entry, or do I need to register my phone immediately when I'm back? Will I still be able to use the same number?

3. Which private health insurance company would you recommend, and how much will it cost roughly for a 30 year-old female? Is it a monthly or one-off payment?

4. Which bank will allow you to open an account without RP - which one would you recommend? What currency should I open my account in, since you need to show the amount to the immigration in USD, but I heard the transaction fees will be higher in foreign currencies?

5. I tried filling up the application form to check for available appointment dates, but it's telling me that there are none available. Did anyone experience the same thing - what should I do if I can't get an appointment within 30 days?

6. How is the fee calculated per month for the RP? I can't seem to find any information on this for Malaysians.

7. What will happen to your RP when you get a new passport - can you transfer your existing one to the new passport, or do you need to apply for a new one? This is important because I need to know how many months should I apply the RP for so I don't overpay on the fees for those months that I'm unable to use due to the change of passport.

8. "If name and surname are not written separately in passport, it is required that you submit document to be taken from your own country representatives showing clear identity information to administration." Has anyone else faced this issue - what type of document should I request from my embassy/consulate?

9. Does my rental agreement need to be in Turkish and where can I get it notarised, any recommendations? How's the fee calculated?

10. I read somewhere about having to use a certain type of plastic folder to use to submit the documents in or it won't be accepted, is this true?

11. Do I need to provide proof of income?

12. Can someone recommend a place to get biometric visa photo taken around Kadikoy? Also, is there a tax office nearby?

Thanks in advance for your help with my many many questions, I really really appreciate it! :)


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