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Rent encrease yearly percentage (Istanbul)

I have this place since last year when I got it for the first time. WE made a simple Kira SOzlesmesi on a paper we bought in the kirtasiye and we only wrote the monthly amount, the deposit and that the contract is for 1 year. Today I got an SMS from the landlord saying that the rent from next month will be raised from Protected content to Protected content . We didnt agree on any raise before or during this year. She just informed me without even picking up the phone. Now m thinking of finding another place during this following month, not paying her the rent for it but insted levae her the deposit because I am 100% sure she will not give it back after I leave this place even though I didn't do any dammage to the appartment what soever .
Can she sew me for this 1 month that I am not planing to pay her and leaving her the deposit? What can hapen to me knowing that they are a bit insane and might take me to court. Should I consult a lawyer and have him talk to them or? Thnaks

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