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Rental agreement re: exterior problems ADVICE (Istanbul)

Hi everyone,
I was wondering if anybody can give me legal advice about who is responsible for paying for things that go wrong outside my rented apartment.

This year I was asked to pay 600tl to fix an exterior power generator, 250tl to fix the elevator, another Protected content few months later for the elevator again, and now I am being asked to pay another 150tl for an electric panel problem for the common electric box by the entrance to the building.
I have already paid over Protected content extra in the last year, and it seems that every two months or so I am being asked to pay for extra things.

Some people told me that I need to pay the apartment manager, but this amount should be reduced from my rent because I am not an owner - I am just a tenant.
Does anybody know the facts about this?
I'd be appreciative for any kind of advice.
Thanks in advance.

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