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renting an apartment, flat ... etc for 2 weeks (Istanbul)

Hi everyone
My family wants to move to Istanbul and they are hesitant about the idea, so they decided to try and live there temporarily first then make a decision.

so we are looking for an apartment that can hold 6 people or 2 apartments 3 people each, for an approximate period of 2 to 4 weeks (month max). of course the location is preferable if its near transportation lines (tram, bus ... etc).

Although I have been to Istanbul a couple of times before but I cant find a proper places because I always came as a tourist and stayed in hotels. I have read the "Newcomers guide on finding flat & related services" post and it gave me so much detailed information, but there is still some questions that I cant find answers most urgent one is: I found good price at the mentioned websites but is it possible to rent less then a month ?.

appreciate any help I can get, thanks in advance

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