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Residence permit question.... (Istanbul)

Hi Guys,

I have a questiong regarding residence permit...

I had work visa and residence permit for almost 2 years... On the last renewal, i had to pay for my residence permit extention separately as work visa was not including it. (till August Protected content

Now my work visa will be terminated by the company on my last working day, and i was told i should immediately leave the country if i dont intend to go and do again residence permit application. Is that correct?

Im planning to leave Turkey anyway, but i need some time to get my stuff organized and go in and out one or two times to move all my stuff ...

Is there some period of time i am given to do that? And if there is, am i allowed to go in and out of Turkey as tourist not having the residence permit anymore?

Would be greatful if someone who knows how it is could let me know...

Thanks a million :)

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