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RHCP - Love Story (Istanbul)


“I saw her at a festival in August. A great voice, smile, beautiful lyrics, and had a magical state. I was crazy about her while she was singing her songs.
After the show we went near and said that we liked her music. She thanked us and invited for hanging out with her. But tour manager came in and said that they must move to the next concert.
She was going and probably I'll never see her again. I had to do something. I just ran and wrote her a letter. I wanted her to know that I feel something for her. I caught the bus and gave her the letter. She was surprised and smiled. Then what? Nothing happened. No message, not even a single word.
A year has passed. Life continued. I had another girlfriend. My life seemed to be good. Then she released an album. She was the world's number one female artist in one night. Everyone was talking about that. One day a friend of mine said that she moved to the city, she often came to one of my favorite breakfast places. I went. She was there. As soon as I saw her I melted. There I could have married her immediately. We met and started talking. I told her that we met at the festival, gave her a note. 'I know,' she said. 'It's on my refrigerator.' I could not believe. 'Really?' I asked. 'What do you think, would I throw away a letter like that?' She invited me to dinner.
The following days we were together. We went to museums, movies and dinners. I gave her driving lessons. We listened to music for hours wandering with the car, kissing, talking. But she never fully opened her doors.
Weeks passed, our relationship deepened. But I still could not understand her fully. All I know was that I was bounded to her. I wanted to spend all my time with her. I was like a child, she was the more logical side. We were like balancing each other. Everything was good. I was happy. When I looked at her I saw that she was happy, too.
One day I called her and left a message on her answering machine. When I returned home I found a message from her: 'How are you? Tomorrow I'm moving from the city. I do not want you to call me or come to see me. Good-bye. 'I was in shock. The woman who was saying 'I cannot wait to see you' now says, 'Do not call me".
I did not know what to do. I called John, told him the situation. I sat at home and started to write. Then I called John again, "I'm coming," I said. He took what I had written. Started playing his guitar. 'We will finish this song tonight,' he said. We finished it at 5 o'clock fifth in the morning.
I took the tape. When I went out it was raining like crazy. I drove my car in front of her house. I went to the front door, waited in the rain, but could not ring the bell. I left the tape to the mailbox and went away.
Time has passed. Our album came out, life continued. Tragedies, victories lived. People have died, people had children. And I was always curious about how my life would be if I had talked to her that night.
Many, many years passed. One day while I was waiting for my car after an award ceremony a limo came. The door opened. It was her. I walked towards her. She saw me, we said hello. No other single word came out of my mouth. I could not ask 'Did you get the tape?' It was the most horrible moment of my life. We walked away. Who knows, maybe she made me a favor, saved me a from a lot of pain and trouble."
"Year Protected content . The man in the story is Anthony Kiedis. Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman. He was not famous at those days. Close friend, John? Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante. In Protected content album "Blood Sugar Sex Magik" released and got very successful, they are still world's one of the best groups. And the girl was Sinaed O'Connor. The greatest female singers of the 90s. Lived a life of ups and downs. Her career continued, but not as it used to. Did she get that tape, listened to the song? We don't know... The name of the song they had written in that rainy day was "I Could Have Lied". One of the best songs in the album "Blood Sugar Sex Magik".
Source: Hafif Müzik – Mehmet Tez
Protected content
I wish a good concert today…
Note: I googled a little and read that Sinaed O'Connor says, she went out with Kiedis a couple of times, but there was nothing serious. And she does not listen to RHCP so she doesn't know the song :)

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