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Save one cafe cup price to help one day life. (Istanbul)


It is not joking and no fun,
It is true, people living on daily Protected content and can't find job, specially Syrian family,
they came here to Turkey to be save from the war at Syria, but they found that Law prevent them from the legal work, others can't work for some disability,
There are Four New Syrian families in bad situation in Sultan Bayli as follows:
1- first family 5 nos. including parents, the father disable to work.
2- second 2 kids, and mother. 3- third family 5 kids and mother the father lost.
4- forth family 2 nos. the woman blind and the man can't work.

if any volunteer can support them, I can direct contact them, or sen the charity, also we can send car to collect materials, and if any one want to look to the family and then support just contact me Protected content sms.

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