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Should it be free to smoke in Internations Events? (Istanbul)


Or should we obey the law ? It is not only the law I want everyone to respect but other people health comfort and joy of the moments.Here is what happend: Last saturday we went to an Internations event with 3 of my friends.The room ( which was only Internation Members) was totally full of disgusting smoke.It smelled bad and we did not want to sit there.The waiters allowed the smokers to smoke in spite on the poster on the wall which says IT IS ILLEGAL TO SMOKE HERE.Of course we left the place immediatly.We decided to join the INTERNATION brunch on Sunday.It turns out a lot of places do a lot of tricks to avoid the law against smoking in Public.Also in this event the waiters told the people the could smoke ! And I told them if they do this I will callthe police .Nobody has the right to poison me and the air that I am breathing.Also the organizer of the event helped and we avoided heavy nicotine in air.Still some niicotine addicts tried to smoke .I was a nicotine addict my self.But I never smoked if I was to disturb anyone.So what makes you a global mind ??

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