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Social project - Yedikule animal shelter (Istanbul)

Dear all - Can you help to spread the word please and to get involved 🙇

My name is Therese Sundbrink and I am a volunteer at Yedikule animal shelter in Istanbul since almost 2 years. Their website is: Protected content

There is over Protected content and about Protected content cats there. This shelter is run by Fatih municipality and volunteers. I am contacting you about a project I've started. We are currently renovating the cathouse at the premises. It's currently closed for the public and there are no volunteers who comes to help with them. Almost no adoptions of the cats and they die of infections since they are so many and their rooms and house is so dirty full with bacteria.

I have started to work with a renovation company called Ataköy Yönetim Hizmetleri A.Ş./ Atakoy Service & Management Inc. Protected content are now carrying out stage 1 out of 3 of the project plan. Please have a look at the instagram page and/or Facebook page where you can follow the renovation currently taking place. Social media name: Tails of Istanbul.

The final result will be new floors, walls and ceiling in the three rooms, storage, corridor and outside building where there was a huge water leakage. There will also be new inventory and each cat will be taken to a veterinary to be treated before coming back to the shelter to start with adoption processes. No one adopts a sick cat less injured.

I've taken about 50 cats out of this shelter so far to get treated and finding them homes.
New ones will always continue to arrive but we need to stop the infections through a renovation. Also to start to show the public these cats so that they have a chance to be adopted. At the moment the house is closed.

This is the link of the fundraising: Protected content

I'm hoping to reach this target of Protected content in August. 50% of this financial goal has been reached. We need to raise the additional amount in order to continue with the renovation.

Could you please share this information with your network? I am wondering if it's possible for you to:

- use this as a social project where you could be involved?
- if you could start a fundraising amongst your employees?

We have started a campaign that says that it only takes 10 USD to help (see attached image) You can also use the text below. Or the link to the fundraising page. If Protected content would donate we would have reached our goal.

Would be forever grateful.

Don't hesitate to contact me by phone or I would look forward to your email for a further discussion.

Thank you

Kind regards

Therése Sundbrink
Cell: Protected content

All it takes is $10 😻
Our crowdfunding campaign to raise money and renovate the cat house at Yedikule Animal Shelter is 50% funded and it has started🙌🏼
Today we’re launching a $10 campaign to get to the goal of 100% by August!
Will you help us? Please donate and spread the word! 🙇

This new cat house will not only save lives, but greatly help in controlling the population of homeless animals through a better spay/neuter program.
We would ♥️ to have your support!
Simply click the link in our bio @tailsofistanbul to make a $10 donation today... it’s secure and easy to do right on your phone 📲
PayPal and credit cards accepted 🙏🏼 Please share with friends and family. The end result will be an absolutely amazing difference to them. You will be part of seeing the progress and also having been a part to help 🙇🙇🙇

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