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An exceptional opportunity exists for a passionate sales person with the ability to sell custom software solutions


* Develop strong business relationships with customers without geographic limitations
* Demonstrate possible solutions to customers showing features and benefits
* Agree to and execute pricing and payment plans
* Work closely with the technical team to ensure all customer requirements are clearly understood and are dealt with in an efficient manner
* Gather and feedback marketing intelligence


* No prior sales experience necessary
* Must be computer literate
* Must have strong communication and influencing skills
* Must be determined to achieve and willing to continually learn
* Ideally have advanced problem solving skills and commercial acumen
* Ideally have a strong network of potential customers


* A passionate and committed individual with a strong ambition to achieve
* The ability to work as part of a team is essential
* The willingness to be flexible
* Ability to build open and honest relationships with people on all levels of the business

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