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Sultans of the Kitchen - Documentary (Istanbul)

The strong presence of our cultural wealth has been inevitably weakened by the chaotic socio-economic conditions and the cultural erosion lasting for more than half a century inside and outside the country. Now it’s time to keep alive what’s left behind. The Anatolian Folk Cuisine Association held the “Ottoman Cuisine and Culinary Culture Competition” with success until today, with its embracing approach to all values of the Turkish Cuisine.

Through the “Ottoman Cuisine and Culinary Culture Competition”, the Anatolian Folk Cuisine Association is aiming to promote and to create an inventory of the unknown palace cuisine with the participation of five-stars international chain hotels in Turkey.

Gastronomy authorities such as tourism representatives, leaders of the industry and interested groups have come together for the third “Ottoman Cuisine and Culinary Culture Competition” which was held on the 6th of November Protected content the call of the Anatolian Folk Cuisine Association

11 of the international five-star chain hotels located in Turkey participated to the competition and through this unforgettable experience, they had the opportunity to review the evolution of the Turkish cuisine from the Ottoman Empire period to the day. This documentary project brings together on screen the profile of the teams interpreting this traditional cuisine with their experience, the enthusiasm of the competition day and the winning team after the evaluation of the venerable jury members, together with rich interviews.

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