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taste of life (Istanbul)

A group of new graduated and leading their career come together to visit their professor.

At the end of the talk, conversation turns to a complaning about stress of life. Professor would like to serve coffe to the ex-students and goes to kitchen and turns back with a tea tray on which a thermos, coffe jar and some different kind of glasses including crystal, ceramic, glass, plastic some of whom seems cheap while the others are lux and expensive.

When everyone choosed a glass, professor says like this,

‘’Although it is normal to chose the best for you, infact this is the cause of stress that you meet in life.’’
‘’ believe me, glass can’t add any value or taste to the coffea, glasses are mostly expensive and hide what we are drinking in it. All of us wanted to drink coffea but you directed to the expensive glasses and then you started to look at the others glasses.’’

‘’Now think of life is a coffea. Money, job and position of you in the society are your glasses. ‘’
‘’They are just tools to hold the life and the glass that you choosed neither determine nor change quality of your life.’’

‘’Sometimes we forget taste of coffea due to the fact that we focus on glass. Discover and realize taste of the coffea. ‘’

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