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The Accident That Changed Melody Gardot's Life (Istanbul)


I love the jazz/blues singer Melody Gardot very much. Her latest album "The Absence" is again very good.

So we see a very talented and successful young woman... On the other hand most of us don't know that she had a big car accident in Protected content . While she was cycling a jeep hit her to the ground. The following year she had to stay in bed related to brain and body damages, learn walking and even brushing her teeth again. Today, she is still using painkillers, living short memory losses, have problems about perception and talking. The only different thing you can see physically from outside is her sunglasses that she have to use all the time related to protect her eyes from light.

While before the accident Gardot was an amateur musician and playing piano, after the happenning she learnt to play guitar in bed (because she could not sit near the piano) and started to listen only slow music related her problems. When one of her doctors advised her to use music thearaphy, she started to compose her own songs. In Protected content , she released her first album and started her successful music career.

In summary, despite everything life is amazing, there are even birds flying in the sky : ) Stay cool and good listening...

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