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The British Community Council (BCC) (Istanbul)

We are looking for volunteers to help raise the profile of the BCC!

The BCC was formed in Protected content aims to:

• co-ordinate cultural and educational activities and interests
• foster UK – Turkish relations
• support good causes including specific projects of local charities, such as supporting pensioners who may find themselves in hardship

However, communities cannot exist without people. It takes all of us, with our common interests and values, to make a community and to keep that community going.

That is why this post is requesting help from you and how you can take joy in sharing your talents, skills and knowledge in keeping community activities going, for the benefit of all of us in Istanbul.
Here are some of the things we have thought of.......

Helping Others

Are you fascinated with life stories, do you enjoy meeting people, do you want to make an immediate difference to someone’s life? The pensioners that we support need more than just financial help or medical assistance, they need to feel a part of the community. Our dear friends, George, Mathilda, Argentina, Ayda, Catherine, Josephine and Sylvia, would love to meet you. Just one visit would make a huge difference to their lives and will make a difference to yours too.

BCC Newsletter

Are you a creative writer, new in Istanbul, or a historian? Why don’t you write an article on your first experiences in Istanbul, cultural quirks, where to track down bacon, your experience in finding a school, where to watch the six nations, or funny anecdotes that you would like to share? Why not write an article and send it to Protected content

BCC Quiz Nights

This year will see the return of BCC Quiz Nights which are loved by many but organised by few! Are you a teacher, a lover of trivia, a wannabe TV presenter, a person with a head full of useless information that you would love to share!? Why not volunteer to run one pub quiz. We can provide you with all the assistance you need.

Summer Fete

We know everyone has something to give to help make this the great event it is each year. Are you a teacher who can provide children’s activities? Do you work for a company that can donate plane tickets, food items, wine or any other items? Do you work for a printers and would be able to print programmes for free? Are you a publisher that can donate or sell books at the fete? Are you a great cook, why not bake homemade cakes and muffins and sell them on the day? Are you in a band and want to showcase your talents? We would love to see you perform! We know that when everyone gives something small, the outcome will be huge. If so please contact Protected content .

IT Skills

We know there is someone out there who has IT skills far superior to ours! Our website needs a facelift and we are looking for someone who can give us advice, look into the website and bring us up-to-date! IT Heroes, please write to us at this address: Protected content

While these are just some of the ways we believe you can contribute to our community, we are sure that you have many more innovative ideas than us that use your skills, knowledge and passion. Please contact us on Protected content for further information.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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