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The dinner for tonight (Istanbul)

Dear members

I wrote below message to Sociophiles members and sent it to all of them. I think many consuls do have similar problems in their activity group. I thought all of you should be informed what I wrote before it goes around.
Just as a info:
Monday 18 participants
Wednesday 11 participants
Thursday 7 participants

For your kind information
Dear menbers
I am going to write this message to all Sociophiles members since I think it is a shame that members attend and cancel so easily to special gatherings like this!

It is so interesting to see that persons who attend changed their minds so easily and cancel! Oh yes! Thank you for cancelling!

But this is not the he point! Keeping a commitment is not everybody's life style, but this is what shows your character!

This gathering was really only organised for IN members.
This place opened their doors only for IN members since they are not open at evening.
With cancelling in last minute YOU were blocking other guest who wanted to join!

This is sad, very sad ...
None of you do have the right to take the motivation away from volunteer neither from hosts or the team for that night.

No more special events for IN members.
No more time spending for IN members.

This was the last event...
And please leave the group and don't take the place of members which would enjoy and have fun and will appreciate this special organisations!

Kind regards,
Ayla Yalcin

Istanbul Forum