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The Food For Thought: Cooking & Genders (Istanbul)


Now before I start the thread's main topic, I'd like to clarify (for those who may assume otherwise) that this is not a sexist post, though merely a curiosity of mine (see disclaimer).

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So last week, some friends and I were at dinner chez another friend's house who made us Raclette (a la Swiss style). He has all the cooking equipment one would ever need and he even has as a meat slicer and the actual Raclette machine itself

"Impressive" I thought.... I mean I love cooking (see footnote 1) though unfortunately I don't have the time, means, space or ability to buy all the cooking machinery I would like (see footnote 2).

Anyway, apart of making the foodies on this site completely jealous, I will get back to the point of this thread (after all that's why you are here no?):

So, it came to my attention and I brought up the matter that I had never dated a woman who could cook (See foot note 3). Our hosting mutual friend confessed to the same thing (See foot note 4) and then I actually realized I only know of about three women (in my age group) who can (apparently). - I am including family members here too.

All the friends who can cook are male. A female (my sister, but I am sure she would kill me if I mentioned her in this thread : Protected content dinner then said "Why should women cook, that's such a sexist point of view!!! Besides, all the best cooks in the world are male. Men are better at cooking" Which in itself is a sexist comment and also an oxymoron.

Now why is this tragedy occurring? Why does it seem that the modern day woman has no interest in cooking? Is cooking is a dying art amongst women?! Who is to blame!?!?!

Or do I just need to change the demographics of my friends and those who are a bit more? :)

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Footnote 1: I like having dinner parties, hosting or being invited to. My sisters for example keep inviting me around for dinner at their homes for dinner, where I am the chef. Though I am not a dial-a-chef nor will I do it constantly if it's a one way love affair.

Footnote 2: I am a male after all and someone needs to balance a cooking, drinking and male gadget lifestyle and everything that comes in between.

Footnote 3: I literally mean could not cook at all.

Foot note 4: We were not referring to someone who can rustle up a pasta or who knows how to cook an egg. Someone who has Protected content on their cooking finger scale.

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Disclaimer: Kerim & Co accept no responsibility for those who may deem this as a purely rude or sexist thread. The term "cook" and "cooking" has no reference to or association to women who lack in the ability to iron or clean as well.

All sexist remarks to be left outside of this thread. Kerim & Co © Protected content .

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