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Dear Friends of International Community

This year, the Headmaster and the teachers of the National Middle School in Istanbul would like to present to the Italian, European and International Community in Turkey the opportunity to study in the Italian National Middle School in Istanbul. Participation at Italian Middle School is free.

Appointments for all interested parties are available on Monday, 24 January at 14.30, at a location near the Middle School - Tom Tom Kaptan Sokak n.7. This important opportunity is presented to the families of the Italian Community, and is also open to interested parties from other nationalities.

The following information presents a brief overview of the Middle School, including the projects and the initiatives being carried out during the scholastic year in progress. For further questions about the academic practices or content of the Middle School curriculum, contact Protected content or, after 14.30, Protected content .


The Italian National Middle School in Istanbul offers to the Italian Community in Turkey and to the International Community, a school of excellence according to the standards of the Italian and European school system. Confirming the long constitutional tradition of the Italian Republic, our school exemplifies the principles of free education, which was enacted by the Italian Constitution. The Italian Middle School in Istanbul welcomes Italian and European students, as well as other students beginning their first years of Middle School studies. Our school also places students into the appropriate classes when they are transferring to Istanbul from other middle schools in Italy, other international schools, or from schools of other nationalities.

The final Diploma of Middle School presented by the Italian government to the student upon finishing the middle school curriculum and successfully completing the State test, permits the student to register for the first year of study at the Italian High School in Istanbul, with the subsequent possibility to achieve the Italian High School Diploma, which is recognized by member states of the European Community. The Middle School Diploma does not, however, entitle the student to pursue studies in Turkish superior schools.

Italian and European culture are emphasized in the curriculum and supported by both the weekly and hourly structure of the middle school, which includes a widely ranging variety of subjects. Collaboration amongst the teachers of the different disciplines allows for didactic unity and an interest in complete coordination of classes across the yearly, and three year middle school plan.

The weekly and per hour apportionment of the subjects results in the division of the current scholastic year as follows:

SUBJECTS Weekly Times
I year II year III year
Italian 5 5 5
History 2 2 2
Geography 2 2 2
Cross-curriculum tutorial 1 1 1
English 3 3 3
Math and Sciences 6 6 6
Artistic Education 2 2 2
Music Education 2 2 2
Physical Education 2 2 2
Religion 1 1 1
Recycling Project 2 2 2
English Communication Techniques 2 2 2

Within the weekly/hourly schedule, we provide 5 hours of English (3 curricular Protected content English Communication), a number equal to that of the hours of Italian language instruction; this emphasis on English is provided by the National Middle School in Istanbul to fully support the european, international and cosmopolitan roles that our students will hold within their communities.

Each scholastic year, based on our evaluation of our students and of our school, and the suggestions from our classes, the Headmaster and the teachers propose a series of projects to create optimal personal, and academic harmony, and to maximize the potential of the pupils as individuals, and of each class as a group.

For the scholastic year Protected content have proposed:

-The “Theatrical” Project: resulting in the Christmas Recital of Protected content .
-The "Continuity and Reception" Project: for a gradual, conscious and serene placement of new pupils into the Istanbul Middle School.
-The "Orientation" Project: an analysis of goals to be achieved in future scholastic and professional choices of the pupils in the third year program.
-The "Education for Peace" Project: a project considering the principles of peaceful cohabitation, non-violence, and the dialogue and fundamental principles of democratic life.
-The Project "Techniques in English Communication": for the expansion of vocabulary, pronunciation, and confident use of the English language.
-The “Recycling Project": to learn the vocabulary of expression and creative, artistic and technological knowledge of the materials and uses of recyclable materials.
-The "Xanadu Project": readings of Italian fiction and critiques by the third year pupils on an internet site maintained by the town library in Bologna, Italy.
-Educational Trip by the Middle School to Cappadocia, anticipated for spring of Protected content . This effort is preceded in previous years by educational trips to Iznik (Nicea), and the Space Camp Turkey of Smirne, a popular center affiliated with NASA.

Additional projects are still being planned for the scholastic year in progress, with the intention of immersing pupils in the historical, cultural, and partnership context of the city of Istanbul and the broader country of Turkey – the secular and modern crossroad of relationships, civilization and the cultures of east and west.

The Italian National Middle school remains open to and available to families of the Italian, European, or International Communities in Turkey for consultation or student placement with regard to teaching the basics and foundation of the Italian language to students during their middle school years.

For any questions regarding the Italian Middle School, or its purpose, it is always possible to contact us at: Protected content or, after 14.30, at Protected content .

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