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‘The Question Game’ Casting Call for a Film! (Istanbul)

‘The Question Game’ Casting Call for a Film! - ‘Soru Oyunu’ Rol Taksimi!

We are casting for an artful short comedy that will be called “The Question Game”/Soru Oyunu and we are looking for actors/actresses to join our film project!
We need participants for the following roles:
*Aside from Michael and Can, everyone must be a Turk/look Turkish and speak Turkish fluently or convincingly.
- Ebru Protected content . old):
Michael’s girlfriend
A creative woman with a good sense of humor and warm personality, she begins to lose patience when Michael takes a joke too far.
- Merve Protected content . old)
Ebru’s housemate or sister, sympathetic, speaks little.
- Michael Protected content . old)
A foreigner, Ebru’s boyfriend
His mother tongue is not Turkish, but he speaks it very well
Does not understand Turkish social norms completely, naïve but well-meaning
Not quite warm-blooded; in fact, he can be a bit cold, but because he is comfortable with Ebru, he is warm, funny, and sweet with her.
- Can Protected content . old)
English-only role (no Turkish actually necessary): American accent
Parents are Turks but grew up in the United States
Michael’s close friend/’bro’
- Mustafa Protected content . old)
Ebru’s brother, Ayşegül’s son, Michael’s colleague
A bit of a mama’s boy, though he is trying not to be.
- Ayşegül Protected content . old)
Fashionable woman-about-town, bored easily
Frequents Nişantaşı or Bebek cafes, wears higher-end clothing, takes good care of herself
Mustafa’s and Ebru’s mother.
- Older Turkish man Protected content . old)
Nosy, makes everything his business out of boredom.
- Young man Protected content . old)
Plays backgammon in Tophane, runs in Kasımpaşa Stadium
Moved to Istanbul from a smaller town in Anatolia.
- Kasımpaşa Stadium caretaker Protected content . old)
Enemy of early wakeup calls, yet forced to wake up early for his job
Uses slang, Turkish is more guttural.
So if you think you are suitable for any of the previously mentioned roles and you want to be a part of this film, or you know someone who would, please reach us via email:
Sydney Ribot
Protected content
Kaiser Nahhas
Protected content
Kindly attach a photo of you in your email.
Considered candidates for the roles will be invited to do a screen-test at the office next Sunday.


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