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ThetaFloating Istanbul - Design Your Life

Hello Internations Istanbul,

First of all I would like to express my regards to Internation members. Here it seems to be a very decent expat forum and I am very happy to be a new member.

I am in Istanbul to introduce ThetaFloating. It is a new method, created by Esther Kochte in Germany. ThetaFloating is an amazing method which helps transforming life and day to day experiences, solve some deepest issues we've always had and helps us to reach a higher level of awareness.

This method has truly changed my life and I have decided to start sharing and practicing it. Unlike many other healing practices, ThetaFloating is done in a very playful, fun way.

I have recently opened a website for ThetaFloating Istanbul ! It is currently only in English and it's the only resource available on the web about ThetaFloating in English. I am hoping to translate it to Turkish as soon as possible.

Have a look at Protected content and contact me if you are interested to know more about it or have a ThetaFLoating Session.

Nice to meet you all,

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