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To blog or not to blog? (Istanbul)

As a "newbie" blogger - since July 4th - this is the question I asked myself BEFORE I started my blog and I am still asking myself this question - while I continue to blog!

As I am "speaking out loud" right now, I guess I am trying to say that the reason I am blogging is... I LOVE TO WRITE!!! This undoubtedly is the first prerequisite. The second and another important aspect of preparing a blog is that you have to have something to say and hopefully grab the interest of your potential readers! This is the hard part!

I do believe I have something to say! I believe I am "experienced" to an extent on the subjects I am writing about (see my CV info in my blog). What I have to say is probably not of interest to everyone - which is definitely OK. But, I am sure there are people out there "like", I just have to find them and they have to find me.

Everytime I post a blog, I post a thread in Internations, facebook, linkedin and twitter to hopefully draw people to my blog! I do get hits from google and other urls, but because I am an "inexperienced" blogger, I do believe I chose a "name" that is not that easy to reach from normal search engines. But, then again - that's ok because I am doing this for fun!

The number of readers visiting my blog is slowly creeping up... would I want the numbers to be better - SURE, I won't lie! It would be fantastic if more and more people read my blog from around the world. Currently, the most hits I get are from Turkey, the USA, France and the UK.. but have also gotten hits from lots of other countries too (Spain, Latvia, Brazil, BAE, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, etc.).

Right now, I am basically writing about what I think people are interested in and that is travel... eating and drinking.. nightlife.. and sometimes behavioral characteristics of Turks. Hopefully, in time, I will have more interaction with my readers and as a result, write about other topics that I might not have thought about.

The purpose of my blog is not to "bash" people and write negative things about places and people - even though I realize this always gets more attention. Maybe with time, I will add more "constructive criticisim" only when I feel the subject matter warrants it - but like I said I want to write about "happy" and "positive" things - I think we have enough negativity in the world!

I want to thank all of you who have visited my blog and my post threads - motivation is very important! Also, please feel free to share your comments with me...

Sorry I took up lots of your time.. but I just wanted to say this and now I will go and finish my latest and last post on Bodrum before I start doing some "real" work. I do have to earn a living and freelance life is going great and it is busy - but I still will continue to make time to blog - for myself!

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