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Trinidad and Tobago by Ms.Aisha Williams (Istanbul)

“What makes it beautiful and worth to live in a place is the people living there. It is only really possible to know a place is when traveller contacts the locals . Only then a traveller can really touch the soul of that place.Only after this contact with the locals and hearing their stories...”
Internations Istanbul Traveling proudly organise its third presentation night for Travel Junkies of Istanbul Internations .Our fellow travel mate and travel junkie Ms. Aisha Willams will tell the story of Williams family in Trinidad and Tobago and make us a slide show with photographs of this beautiful country.She will help us to touch the soul of a country that most of us don’t know.We will learn a country by witnessing a story of her family.
All travellers, adventurers and travel junkies please come and join us to get out of our small shells and to go to far far away, to the Caribean sea...
This event will take place at.Nisantası Anadolu Lisesi which was founded in Protected content a name of English High school by the British community to give education to mainly the children of expats living in Istanbul then the school is transferred to Turkish goverment in Protected content taken the name of Nisantası Anadolu Lisesi.
We will leave the entrance fee of 10 Tl to the school administration to be used for education.

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