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Turk Telecom & Turkcell Superonline (Istanbul)

Hi Guys,

Someone may have done this, I have new Fiber Turk Telecom box Connection in my Flat and i know I can get a deal with TTNET (good Deal) 49tl internet TV/Phone but only 6mb where as superonline quotes 20mb at same price

but I want superonline from Turkcell So how do they provide , they do quote on website existing telephone line required (do i get telephone from above first?)

then subscribe to turckcell superonline?

is the process similar or same as UK ?

In UK BT provides telephone line and ISP (internet service provider rents the line) from B, and then provides the internet/Telephone/TV

OH....and why? do they just avertise speed 25mbps 35mbps 50mbps.... packages we know fiber is fast Protected content I want capacity as well as speed without paying a fortune (like we do for moblie data)

OHH ...and why on earth do the say "limitsiz" on everything ! and then add a limit it to it 8GB Limitsiz??

all replys gratefully received

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