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Turkey needs 4.1 million residences f (Istanbul)

Turkey needs 4.1 million residences

According to 10th development plan of Turkish Goverment Development Ministry; need of residence 4.1 million pieces due to urbanization, population increasement, need of renovation and renewing because of natural disaster between Protected content .

3.2 million building permission!!
between Protected content is estimated that building permission will reach to3.2 million steming from incresing population, urbanization, renewing, and disaster based such as earth quake, floading etc.

While Decifit of residence will reduce at a remarkable rate at the term of plan; need of setuping balance between residences suppy and demand, building residences in accordance with income groups, directing according to development trends of residence areas, designing envoirements and residences in accordance with needs of elderly, child and disabled people remains.

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