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Turkish - Deutsch language exchange :)) (Istanbul)

Ich lerne Deutsch seit fünf Monate in der Schüle aber mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut! Aber ich liebe sprachelernen! Ich werde in Englisch schreiben weil ich kann night machen mehr!
So i'm looking for someone who can speak, natively or not doesn't matter, so i can teach Türkçe or English :))
Money is not even a topic to talk, we can just meet whenever we want to and we can either drink beer, or watch football match, or talk about travelling or anything, then we will probably forget the language thing and keep drinking lol!
Just wanted to ask if anyone is up for this.
Prost! ;)

( Hey peeps, this is my very first thread on Internations and if I they did anything wrong, sorry about it :)) I didn't put it to language things forum category because everyone was asking for money for everything (wow world s become hard place to recognize anymore) so i've put it here :=)

Thanks, cheers!!

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