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Mind & Body & Soul Health is the most important issue for human being. If you have a problem about your life, your health, your family, your relationships I can help you to find out the reason and transform the problem with a technique. When you experience the private session once you ll see that your life, your destiny, your health will transform in a very good way. You'll live your heaven in this world...

I ve learned techniques in USA and Turkey since Protected content . Also I ınvited teachers to Turkey who are very experienced about energy healing and took a course from them.
I'm doing group healing and private sessions as a professional.
Some of the techniques that ı'm using called "Golden angel energy & Heavens touch" , "Akashic Records Transform Technique" (that records have your all life s info.during the session we reach that information and clean the wrong issues that you dont need anymore and your lifes changes) "Deep Peat" (İt s about polarites about your life) "Reconnective Healing" etc...

Protected content is my web site but ı know most of you can understand turkish and english both,. If you can't please contact me from Protected content or internations mail box. Also you can find me in facebook ZİhinBedenRuh Sağlığı group in Turkish.

I'm also A very good cook:) I m in love with food and cooking since ı was born:) I have so many recipes and I m doing most of them in my house. I ve finished some cources about cakes and sushi. I can teach how to make Turkish food, some Thai food, Sushi, some Pasta and delicious cakes.
Why dont you try to learn and taste home made Turkish and International food with a low price and do them in your house:)

Love and Joy always...
Ebru Feyizoğlu
Healer / Writer / Cook

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