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WANTED: Kittens... Kittens... Kittens (Istanbul)

Hello all

I have always been a cat lover. grew up with cats and my children inherited this love and they in turn grew up with cats and I suspect that their children will continue in this tradition.

I moved to Istanbul recently, and it's been a wonderful experience thus far, but something is missing. I'm temporarily separated from the rest of the family and it's beginning to take its toll. Nothing will take the edge off like raising kittens. I'm speaking from experience.

The love, fun, excitement, and companionship of kittens are incomparable!!

I am looking to ADOPT/BUY two kittens: a male and a female preferably. British Shorthair is my breed of choice. however, I am open for other breeds.

Please help me fill this emotional gap.

Many thanks!!

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