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Watch out ladies..FAKE police man in the clubs (Istanbul)

I feel terrible to postmy first thread in this forum about a bad thing that happend to me while Im in Istanbul, since I have only two days left to leave.
But I have to do that out of my concern, what happend to me might happen to other ladies in Istanbul.
So we were three yabanci girls , we are living here for more than one year..we wanted to celebrate my last night in Istanbul to go to dance in Taksim Istiklal.
On the way in Istiklal, as usual those boys in the street asking us to get into the clubs that they are working in, and usually we never give them a chance to talk alot
BUT..there was a guy who really insisted and kept walking with us trying to convince us that its just because its new club and they want more people, his boss will give him more money if he brought more people blah blah blah, he seems really poor and helpless and I only agreed because I felt pity for him...I know what you think now..I should have not listen to him...but yes , we do mistakes sometimes.
Anyways the scenario of this trap goes like this:
The club was full of HIGH people, disconected and all drunk looking MALES..two girls who look Protected content well)))
So we wanted to leave after one minute from getting inside, BUT a police man showed up at the door asking for our passports friends are Italians, so they only need an ID card to get into they are not holding their passports , only the ID which didnt convince the FAKE police man because he knows nothing about this Turkish law.
ME, my situation is a little bit more complicated , Im Iraqi and I have waiting here for my Green Card which I need to enter the US to get it , before I leave I need to take a paper from the Turkish police like (Exsit permission or cikis) and to do that, they kept my passport for two days until today Monday, so basicly I also have only an ID card...all nice clean and legal.
Back to the story now
So 'a translator' showed up at the scene... he looked drunk, and we tried to tell him something to translate but he was not translating what we were saying, because I understand some Turkish.
We were saying that Italians need an ID card ONLY, and me they can call Istanbul police and ask about my name to make sure of what Im simple.
The translator offered to go OUR HOUSE to bring more IDENTIFICATION papers, and some side personal questions that we refused to answer
So far we are locked in the club..for one hour, everyone is laughing, speaking turksih and looking at us like criminals or 'something else'
A freind of mine , a police man tried to talk to this police officer on the phone telling him my situation, but he told him: no, its the law and they should be taken to the court and unbeleivable kind of funny and not really funny stuff, PS he refused to give his name or show his ID
I felt so bad and angry because my flight is in two days and IF that was true then I will lose the flight that I have been waiting for 14 months here.
Anyways .. after one hour of this horrible situation the translator said that the police man wants you three of you to walk with him like Protected content and then he can RELEASE YOU....oh my god....I cant beleive that anyone can be stupid like I was yesterday to beleive all that shit, I dont know what happend to me.
But I was so tired to explain again my situation to another ( zero english or arabic speaker ) police man in the street..I thoguht they will all do the same.
we walked...and since I understood some words of this FAKE police man, he offered us to go to drink in his house and to HAVE FUN, then he can let us that moment FINALL I realized (thank god) that it was all fake...
we were walking getting closer to a Taxi driver whom I stopped very quickly..sent signs to my other two friends and got into the cap fast to go we ran away finally. the common rules again that we all know but we think that we know the city very well that we can just forget about them:
1. Do not beleive those boys in the street no matter what they convince you with.
2. Always have your valid passport ..but in our case , there was nothing to do about that.
3. 3 well dressed girls without a man, alone not so wise..I hate to admit this fact , but its true.
4. when your brain rings the lying alarm, listen.
5. the name of that club was LOYA in the main Istiklal street up to the choclate shop in the corner and its right before the MANGO store
The moral of the stroy, it was all a PLAY, the fake police man had some kind of deal with those club people or something, bring foreigner women, do this language misunderstanding stuff, and they think that it might be a chance to go home with one of them...or I dont know what were they expecting.. I mean come on, be real
I apoligize for the long story but you need to know those details, we do mistakes but it can cause major consequences like me losing the Cikis papers that Im supposed to take NOW, and my flight tomorrow and all of the 2 years waiting time for the green card and what I have been through so far .. just because of bunch of ignorant people who thinks that if I dont speak Turkish it means Im stupid...
With my love to this city, as everywhere, it has the good and the bad....
But I will always be grateful to what this city gave me.
Have a good day and a peaceful dancing nights

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