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what Thanksgiving means to me (Istanbul)


With some posts that have been made, I just wanted to share my comment for what I consider to be the Best American Holiday that I miss so much.

More than the food, I miss the act of sharing to show we care on Thanksgiving.

The preparation of it, the helping out on the day of as we bond in the kitchen (with usually the men bonding in the living room :-) but none the less, a day of gratitude.

This holiday for me, always represents what's to come with Christmas and the New Year. A prelude of some kind - to hopefully follow through. A 3 in 1 holiday, with no gifts to unwrap - only to be shared - and the coming together of old and new friends

But cannot deny the foooood - yummy - and the satisfaction that comes with it all

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving on whatever day or country it may be...

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