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who is who (Istanbul)


I thought it might be interesting if IN members introduced themselves through this forum. Next time we meet at an event it might be easier to connect.
What business are you in? What brought you to Turkey? if you are a local, where have you lived abroad etc.etc. You are free to share anything you like about yourself! :)

Let me start introducing myself:
Pervin Leenhouts, originally from Ankara but lived and studied in Holland for 17 years and worked in Brussels for 5 years. Back in Istanbul since Protected content , been in the financial industry since Protected content partner at MSP Capital Managment. Have been very active in the international community in Istanbul, ex chairwoman of the IWI (International Woman of Istanbul).

Currently I'm the Country Manager of MasterPeace Turkiye, we are organizing the most heartwarming Peace Concert of the Century on the 21st September Protected content Istanbul! Famous Turkish and international artists will perform during this evening and the concert will be televised worldwide! Stay tuned and if you want to have more information about this concert pm me.

Who is next?

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