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Who knows about Çini? (Cement Mosaic Tiles) (Istanbul)

I am renovating a flat in Istanbul and would like to use cement mosaic tiles (called 'çini' in Turkish) for some of the floors. They are a bit expensive to buy but what really makes them expensive is laying, coating and polishing them after they are bought. People here tell me this must be done by a special craftsman (usta).
Coming from 2 very do-it-yourself cultures in the renovation of flats (the United States and Germany) I cannot believe that it is not possible to do at least the coating and polishing myself somehow - maybe polish with a machine to polish cars(??)

Does anyone have experience with çini - either having put in your own home or as an architect or interior designer or....? Can you tell me how I can do these two work steps myself? I would truly appreciate any help!

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