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Wii black with Wii Fit Plus 2 & balance board (Istanbul)

Just one month old!! Original price was almost ***600TRL***. Am selling it for 400TL, but would be willing to go down to 300TL if you can come to Taksim (close to Galata tower) to pick it up *WITHIN THE NEXT 24 HOURS*.

Great device to help you get in shape indoors - it was very handy for me to work out in comfort and without time wasting for travelling to a gym, and without being outside during really hot days this summer, but still being very active.

I bought it here with a 2 year long guarantee and have been really enjoying using it over the last month, but it's time for me to leave Istanbul! Turkish airlines only have a 20kg limit on flying so I have to leave it behind :(

Unlike normal white Wii's, this entire set is a unique BLACK model. Looks way cooler :D Can send you photos.

Includes numchuck, controller, console, balance board, Wii sports, Wii fit plus, ALL ORIGINAL PACKAGING, all connectors, and original receipt (bought in a mall here in Istanbul).

Anyone interested in buying can come to my place in Taksim (close by Galata tower) and use it with my TV here to confirm everything works fine before we pack it up. I can show you the graph it tracked of how much weight I was losing even in just a few weeks!

Only for the next 24 hours though! If I don't sell it, I'll have to figure out how to take it with me. Save me the trouble and take advantage of this ridiculous offer!

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