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Will you get Lucky? (Istanbul)


Lucky is a 10-week-old kitten that we rescued from almost certain death on the streets. Our niece spotted him crying beneath a parked car on a busy street in our neighbourhood. He was dirty, dusty, and infested with fleas. We brought him home, bathed him and had him treated for fleas and other potential health issues. He has the face of a masked bandit, and now has silky black and white fur. Our vet has pronounced him in good health.

Lucky took to his litter box immediately and hasn’t failed to use it since. He has a healthy appetite and eats wet or dry cat food, or he’ll share your meal. He sleeps through the night – usually in our bed - and loves to play - with you or on his own. After playing he drops off to sleep – often on the most convenient lap.

We’re leaving Istanbul soon and can’t offer him a permanent home. If you can help Lucky to live up to his name by giving him a loving home, he’ll reward you with affection, tiny kisses, and lots of purring. When he reaches the age of six months, he can be neutered – and we’ll happily pay for the operation.

If you can offer Lucky a home, or you’d like to see more of him, please call Fikret at Protected content .

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