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working and residence permit for Americans (Istanbul)

Hello :)

I am an American teacher. In July, I moved to Spain for a job that turned out to be a scam. Then I went to Brussels, and now I am in Buenos Aires. Although I love Argentina, it is extremely difficult to get a decent job here, so I must travel on!

I have a job offer in Istanbul and they say that I need to just come on a tourist visa that I can purchase at the airport, and then once I am there, they will get my residence and work permits for me. However, the embassy says that I need a visa before I enter if I want to work.

I am confused because although the embassy says that I need to get all of this paperwork before I come to Turkey, everyone in Turkey tells me that it is super easy and I can do it from there.

If anyone has any advice or insight as to how this works, I would greatly appreciate your help.

Thank you so much :)

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