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worst manicure ever PRONAIL AKARETLER BESIKTAS (Istanbul)

I would like to share with you in short my worst manicure experience ever in a place that i thought that would be very professional - PRO NAIL in Akaretler Besiktas.

I did a basic manicure and the Shellac procedure which is a nail polish that is supposed to last for two weeks. First of all i couldn't belive how they are keeping their instruments, the scissors was laying in a drawer unpacked, just like that. I asked for sterilization, and the girl was looking at me like i asked for smth outrageous....

than the shellac procedure was basically a nightmare..i have to tell you that is smth complicated and the person doing it needs a special training. so a guy started to do it, a guy with a bad attitude. I was showing him what he does wrong and he was really rude and showing me that i want too much from him. Well, when I am paying for it, yes I want to be perfect. The nail polish that had was very very old, and when he went to ask his boss for another one, she told him to try harder!?!?!?!?!? finally, she allowed him to take a new one. But he had no training in doing shellac so it was a total disasater. He kept telling me that the final result will be amazing. Yeah right...when you have no training and idea of what you are doing, it can not be after he finished it was really terrible and i put them to take it off. they didn't have a material for that and smbdy had to go out to buy....

and the cherry on the cake was a hand cream they put on me that made my hands sparkling!!!!!! like i was going to perform in a circus show!!!! they dind't even ask me if i want it or not, if it's ok to put sparkling things on me...nothing!

and all these lasted 2 hours!!!!!!!

of course nobody knew english there so even if i expressed my anger in english, it was like talking to the walls..... still they understood they did a mistake, they were appologizing blah blah, but so what??????????? i waisted 2 hours of my life because they don"t have trained people!!!!!!

they open a "professional" salon in Akaretler, a very posh place with amateurs???????? I could have done myself the nails in that manner!!!! and belive me that it's not cheapt at all!!! so they ask also big money for amateur work!!!! incredible!!!!

so stay away from the "professional" salon PRO NAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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