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Karaoke Night is coming up... (Izmir)

Karaoke on a real stage! We’re not aiming to discover talented singers here but we really want to have a great time together and make friends. As a host, I will make sure that each person is introduced to everyone in the group. I really hope to see you all there! If you cannot come, we will be one less :(
"Remember Basic Members are welcome to join by using one of their two free trials!"
Please do NOT forget to wear your hats! Wear any hat that you like i.e. baseball, Cuban, hunting, cloche, cowboy, fedora, Panama hat etc…anything covers your head is acceptable!
See further details under "Activity Groups" section click"Internations Izmir Eat with Locals" and find "Let's Karaoke & Make Friends" activity.
Please attend the activity in order to join us! It will be pleasure to meet you :)

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