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Saving a Puppy (Izmir)


One of the things many expats will notice about Turkey is that there are many street dogs. Many are actually tagged by the city and re-released. This assumes the dogs survive long enough to be found. While walking through Urla (just outside of Izmir), I was approached by a starving puppy. I couldn't leave him there. He was emaciated. So I took him to the vet for some meds, and this Protected content old puppy is currently at my house, but he needs a new home. I have an old dog that I brought with me from USA when I moved here, and the two don't get along.

I realize that many expats live in the city, but we all come in contact with locals. If it comes to your mind, please ask around if anyone is looking for a dog.

I am not sure what breed he is, but the vet says that he will be a big dog. He is already bigger than my terrier. I would love to find him a home with someone/a family that has a garden property where he will have room to stretch. He's very cute, and looks like he is wearing white socks.

I can provide a picture to anyone interested.

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