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Visiting Turkey at Christmas (Izmir)

Due to overwhelming responses, I start to think that 95% of the population in Turkey is men and that they are all extremely friendly and want to show me around :) The fact is besides seeing the fascinating cities of Istanbul and Izmir, I would like to hike in the Cappodocia, visit small traditional villages, see the ruins at Efes, and snorkel/dive/kayak in the Black Sea if possible. I would really appreciate specific advice and information about these places, and suggestions of other special places that are not too touristy. Of course, your kind offer to show me around is well-received and makes me feel welcome and excited about visiting your splendid country. Thank you everyone.

Hi, I am an American Chinese living in Rome. I am traveling to Turkey for 2 weeks, flying into Istanbul on Christmas day and then will visit Izmir. Would you like to show me around Izmir and/or give me some travel tips in Turkey? Hope to see you soon.

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